Sunday, September 21, 2008

Upcoming Vacation

Jim and I are getting excited. We have a 5-day vacation planned to Beijing and Xian the week of September 29 for the week of China's National holiday!

The first two days of the week are professional development days for me at school, so we're leaving on the morning of October 1 and return to Shanghai the evening of October 5.

Jim's trying to learn everything about the new camera (imagine that) before then so he can take awesome pictures. (No word from the camera market about the older camera yet.)

It will probably take us through the following weekend to get the blog and photos loaded to the website.


TitanKT said...

You guys aren't getting hit by that ginormous hurricane are you? Looks like you're not but you got out of Guilin at the right time! Wow, category 3, that's worse than what just wiped out Galveston!

Katy & Danette

Jim said...

We are seeing a little rain in Shanghai but I doubt it is from the Typhoon. We are well north east of HK and will be even further north in Beijing. Should be nice. The weather reports show 55 for low and about 75 for the high. It will be a nice break from the 85-95 degree temps in Shanghai.

TitanKT said...

Great news. Have a good trip and enjoy. I'm looking forward to the pictures so I'm counting on you to figure that camera out before you leave! :D