Monday, February 23, 2009

Coming home (one of us at least)

A lot of people are curious about our plans to come home. And we finally have some details which will surprise most of you. As the title eludes to, one of us will be staying here for a while longer. The decision was hard but the opportunity is too hard to pass up. So, I (Jim) will be coming home March 8th and Rachel will be staying here until June. The main reason for the decision is the school really needs her to stay and finish the school year. They are offering her housing near the school and all of her new friends live nearby, so she has a great support group here. It also gives us another opportunity to travel again in Asia this summer.

Sorry the posts have been scarce lately. I still have some more pictures to post from Tibet and another city we visited. Stay tuned, that is my goal for this week...