Thursday, January 3, 2008

Dec 2007 Summary

To give everyone a recap of what led to this move, here is a brief summary. My company (AMD) opened a research and development center in Shanghai, China during 2005-2006. Without going into a bunch of boring details this new center is growing fast and they asked me if I would like to move to Shanghai for a year and help train and work with the team there.

It was a hard decision to make. Rachel is teaching at a high school and leaving early would leave them trying to find a replacement in the middle of the school year. We just couldn't do that to the students or the school. So we decided that I would go and she would join me later during the summer.

So far things are moving right along. The apartment is ready, my passport is updated and I have all my vacinations (total of 11 shots over a three week period) OUCH! We are still trying to decide what to bring or just buy in China but by next week all of the decisions will have been made.

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